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Development & Prospects


    We are committed to diverse developments of physical education, research, activities, sport fields, and equipment.

1. Physical Education and Research

(1) Open multiple physical courses to cultivate students’ sports skills and create exercise opportunities to become both physically and mentally healthy.
(2) Integrate other departments’ resources to raise the research quality.

2. Physical Activities and Sports Fields Equipment
(1) Strengthen varsity teams’ trainings to participate in national competitions and bring home the bacon.
(2) Hold various sports-related courses for students and faculties on and off campus to cultivate people’s exercise habits.
(3) Raise the sports appreciation ability of students and faculties on campus to motivate the sports participation and value the importance of sports.
(4) Renovate the sports space in school to offer a safe and high recreation quality to the students and faculties.

    Physical Education is the necessity in the university education. In order to promote the significance of PE and students’ sports performance, not only Physical Education Office but also everyone should devote to value PE receiving the best living quality.